The Power of Blue

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The popularity of the Pantone Colour of the Year is no flash in the pan. Colour is a powerful tool and studying the science and psychology behind it can help balance everything from your emotions to your appetite. The colours we choose to wear have the power to change our mood, stimulate conversation, symbolize our beliefs and even persuade those around us. A gemstone's colour is all about chemistry, the nuance of which has been studied for thousands of years.

Blue is the universal “favourite colour” because it shares its hue with both the sky and water, two factors that humans inextricably link to their livelihood on Earth. In this same vein, it’s a colour that makes us feel free and open when we look at it, and not threatened or boxed-in. It can be soothing and feel dependable (like your favourite pair of blue jeans) and is often used as a symbol of stability. It's no coincidence that it's the colour most used by political parties, banks and other long-standing organizations.

While blue has often been associated with the Royal Family, the term “royal blue” actually originates from the pigment required to make what was once considered a very rare and sought-after colour. Lapis Lazuli, a stunning gem in its own right was the original source of the colour and blue, and similar to Purple, it was once so expensive to create in pigment form that only the very wealthy and noble could afford it. Hence, it became “royal blue.” 

Blue Diamonds, such as the famous Hope Diamond, are some of the rarest Diamonds in the world. They’re categorized as Type IIb (the rarest) and get their stunning hues from Boron, which can also sometimes make them able to conduct electricity and display phosphorescence. The latter meaning they can emit light independently after being exposed to UV light. Other Blue gemstones mostly obtain their range of blue colours from trace elements such as Titanium, Iron and Copper.

Due to its cool tone, Blue pairs spectacularly with the iciness of Diamonds and it can even make them look whiter and brighter, so it’s no wonder that Aquamarines, Blue Sapphires, Black OpalsParaiba Tourmalines and Turquoise and Blue Topaz really shine when set as such. Of course, Blue is also associated with the lucky “something blue” of brides, and can make a fabulous choice for an engagement ring, wedding band, or a gift for a new bride in the form of earrings, a bracelet, necklace or brooch.