St. Valentine's Day

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Do you know what your love language is? Ahem, we thought ours was Rubies and Diamonds, but apparently it’s a little more complex than that! Even though it was published in 1992, The 5 Love Languages has remained a top-selling book known for its rational relationship advice. Its timeless and thoughtful approach has even lead to a resurgence on TikTok in recent months. So, what exactly are love languages? The idea is that we most likely express our love to others in the way that we most enjoy receiving it—however, in order to make our partners feel most loved, we must learn to express love in the way that they most understand and enjoy, and vice versa. Which one suits you best? According to the quiz, you most likely align with one or two of the following: acts of service, physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts or words of affirmation.

At Katherine James Jewellery, we’ve come to learn that the act of giving gifts to our loved ones, especially for a holiday such as St. Valentine’s Day, is received most jubilantly as an act of love when combined with time, effort and thought on the giver’s behalf. This way, it translates as an act of service, quality time, and of course, is easily combined with words of affirmation!

Part of the thoughtful nature of gifts is knowing that jewellery has a love language of its very own, and is full of symbolism thanks to centuries of history and mythology. Here are some of the meanings you can use to find the absolute perfect gift, whether they define your one and only, the relationship you have or hope to have or some combination of your shared experiences. Planning a heart-warming proposal? See our best tips here and take our quiz to find their perfect ring. 


Eternity Rings

A continuous band of gemstones and precious metal that represents love or friendship eternal. They’re often given as an anniversary gift to celebrate the years you’ve spent together, as well as devotion to your future, but can also serve as a meaningful promise ring to show your forever bond.

Three-Stone Rings

Also known as a trinity or trilogy ring, three-stone rings speak to your past, present and future as a couple. The centre stone is meant to represent your present and can also be used as a birthstone symbol or to represent a birth month, or the month you may marry in (or did!)


Heart-shaped gems or jewellery represents giving your heart to another. One of the oldest symbols, heart shapes have been used in jewellery since the Medieval era. The “luckenbooth” motif consisting of a heart or double heart topped with a crown originated in Scotland in the 1600s and remained popular throughout the Victorian era. Mostly used in brooch designs, it was used for luck, protection and ultimately, as a love token. The name comes from the line of goldsmiths selling jewellery in stalls (or “luckenbooths") along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. 


The first Diamond engagement ring was said to be given to Mary of Burgundy by the Archduke Maximillian of Austria when he proposed marriage in the 15th century. At that point, Diamonds were an extremely rare commodity and one had likely never even been seen by most of the population. While they are much more accessible now, high quality Diamonds, especially in sizes over one carat, remain a rarity. As the hardest material on Earth, they're a fitting symbol of the steadfastness of your bond, while their unique and alluring beauty, rarity and value represent the precious nature of finding true love. 


The rosy red of Rubies instantly aligns them as symbols of deep love and passion. Still considered the rarest gems on Earth, they are a perfect symbol of your one and only, true and everlasting love.

Pink Gems

The feminine energy of Pink gemstones represents romance, serenity and faithfulness. Sapphires can signal new love and peace of mind, while Tourmalines speak to unconditional love and friendship and Morganites are said to be attuned to the heart chakra (similar to their green counterpart, Emeralds.)


This lush purple gem represents regality and a sense of tranquility and calm. It has also been used as a healing and protective stone. As a symbol of the month of February it’s the perfect token to present to your Valentine to mark a special moment.

Victorian Jewels

The love story between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert is well-known around the world. A true love match (not entirely common in Royal love circles) the jewellery of the era reflected this romantic mood and is especially known for its symbolism. It’s often decorated with rose-cut Diamonds, hearts, crowns, snakes (a symbol of eternity used in Queen Victoria’s own engagement ring), lockets, cameos and one of the Queen’s favourite colours, Purple.