The Power of Yellow

Meaning of Yellow Colour Gemstones

The popularity of the Pantone Colour of the Year is no flash in the pan. Colour is a powerful tool and studying the science and psychology behind it can help balance everything from your emotions to your appetite. The colours we choose to wear have the power to change our mood, stimulate conversation, symbolize our beliefs and even persuade those around us. 

A gemstone's colour is all about chemistry, the nuance of which has been studied for thousands of years. There are an amazingly wide variety of Yellow gemstones to choose from, including Amber, Citrine, Diamond, Garnet, Sapphire, Topaz, and Tourmaline. Most Yellow gems are coloured by the presence of Iron, including Yellow Sapphires and Citrine. Yellow Diamonds, however, get their gorgeous hues from Nitrogen, which categorizes them as Type I Diamonds. Some of the most valuable Sapphires are Ceylon Yellow Sapphires, which are sourced from Sri Lanka

Naturally uplifting in its warm and cheerful tone, Yellow has also been highly sought-after for its connections to luxury and rarity thanks to its association to Gold and saffron, two of the most valued and expensive materials in the world. Considered the colour of royalty and divinity in eastern cultures such as Thailand, and India (where spiritual figures and saints also wear saffron coloured robes) Yellow Sapphires and Citrines are often worn for good luck and prosperity, as well as their connection to the planet Jupiter, which is considered the largest in the universe (and therefore the most powerful and energetic in the minds of astrologers.)

Yellow is known as the happiest colour of the spectrum, and just like it reflects light without any external sources required, it shines with optimism seemingly without any effort at all. Associated with your solar plexus chakra, the colour Yellow is indeed connected to your energy, authority, confidence and enthusiasm. Bold and bright, sunlight-coloured gemstones are flattering for all skintones and will bring a youthful zest to your jewellery collection.