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Our resident jewellery expert answers all of your holiday gifting questions and dilemmas!

Best Holiday Jewellery Christmas Hanukkah Gift Guide 2022 UK 


I’m dying to treat my super-deserving workaholic sister but she really seems to have everything already.  

Sounds like your hardworking sister could really use a meal or cleaning service... paired with our 18ct Gold Bezel Diamond Earrings which she can wear 24/7 (including when she falls asleep at her desk.)


How do I redeem myself with my long-time girlfriend I've been meaning to propose to for years…oops!?

A sizeable, glittering gem surrounded by Diamonds has the power to make any past grudges fly out the window! Consider this glamorous Aquamarine, Pink SapphireBlue Sapphire or classic Art Deco-style Diamond. Still not sure? Take our engagement ring quiz and get ready for one of your most memorable years yet! 


It feels like there are no gifts on Earth that could possibly validate my partner who does it all with the kids, the house, the extended family etc., etc.!  

A monthly flower delivery service and a classic three-stone ring will remind her how much you truly appreciate her and the life you share on a regular basis. After all, three stone rings represent your past, present and very bright future. You also can’t go wrong with a perfect Diamond necklace or a pair of Diamond studs that will truly knock her socks off (and pair perfectly with endless to-do lists.)


I want to do something extra special for my partner who just gave birth in August…

Congratulations! Sounds like a surprise holiday date night is in order along with something stunning to look at (other than you or your adorable new baby…) A Peridot and Diamond ring could be perfect, as could this Peridot cocktail ring, which she can pull out whenever she needs to feel glamorous and still feel reminded of your amazing new addition. 


We’re looking for a gift for my Mum from all of us kids that isn’t a robe, slippers or a gift card she won’t ever get around to using…

Pair a hand written letter from each of you telling her how much she means to you with a sparkling tennis bracelet or Diamond heart necklace she’ll be dying to show off as soon as possible. You'll be off the hook for years to come.   


I’m hoping to spoil my new husband with something stylish that will mark our first Christmas together.

A cheeky vintage signet ring is impossible to forget and will instantly upgrade his look!


A meaningful gift for myself because I never really get what I want….there, I said it.

A Ruby or Emerald are perfect for this time of year (and ahem, my personal favourites.) Need something that will steal the spotlight in any room? Spoil yourself with these stunning South Sea Pearl Earrings. You'll never regret it!


My anniversary is coming up and I need something that will make it feel special and not lost amid the Christmas holidays.

A magical Tanzanite jewel is the perfect representation of your special December occasion. They’re rarer than Diamonds and even better? They’re not red or green.


I’m looking for a promise ring but am not sure what they’re supposed to look like. Help!

An eternity ring is the ideal symbol of your commitment. Plus, it can still be worn and stacked with any future engagement or anniversary rings.


We would love to gift our very fashion-forward daughter something amazing for Christmas—she’s about to have our first grandchild and we’re so excited!

A chic book of nursery rhymes and this eye-catching right-hand ring will have her wondering how she ended up with such fabulous parents (and perhaps inspire her for her own journey ahead.)

 Best Holiday Christmas Hanukkah Gift Guide 2022


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