Valentine's Day Jewellery Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Jewellery Jewelry Engagement Ring Gift Guide 2022



While paper Valentines and cultivated (and imported) blooms may soon be a thing of the past, gemstones and precious metals are a precious part of the Earth which will literally last forever. Investing in a timeless jewel for your loved one is the perfect way to not only ensure that your token of love will never fade away (or be tossed with yesterday’s recycling) but also that its value will actually increase over time and be treasured for generations to come. While Rubies are a classic choice for this passionate date, there are many inspired choices which can deliver just as charming a message:


Amethyst: Royalty. Rarity. Peace of mind. Sobriety (!) February birthstone.

Diamond: Perfection. Faithfulness. Infinity. Fortitude. April birthstone.

Opal: Hope. Universal energy. Joy. Good luck. October birthstone. 

Pearls: Calming. Wisdom. Loyalty. Purity. June birthstone.

Pink Sapphire: Overcoming obstacles. Intense love. Compassion. September birthstone.

Pink Tourmaline: Unconditional love and friendship. Peace. Self-love. October birthstone.

Ruby: Nobility. Protection. Passionate love.  Prosperity. July birthstone.



Clockwise from Top Left:
2.55 CTW Oval Ruby and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, £2595.
1.00 Carat Oval Pink Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Art Deco Ring, £1595.
2.18 Carat White Opal and Diamond Three Stone Ring, £1450. 
2.20 Carat Oval Ruby and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, £5995.
1.05 CTW Diamond and Ruby Art Deco Target Ring, £3995.
2.00 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Amethyst and Diamond Halo Ring, £1295.
1.00 Carat Round-Cut Moissanite Ring, £175. 
1.45 CTW Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, £6295. 
Emerald Cut Amethyst and Diamond Necklace, £1095. 
1.00 Carat Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Art Deco Ring, £1795.