Conditions of Business

Our absolute love for our products and our long-term customers has provided us our mission of being as transparent as we can in all realms of our business.  In that vein, we wish to bring to your attention that the jewellery industry has been treating gemstones for hundreds of years in order to improve their natural colour and clarity. It is estimated that nearly 90% of gemstones have been treated with one or more of the vast array of traditional techniques still being practiced today. For example, Sapphires and Rubies are often heat treated, while Emeralds are usually treated with an appropriate oil or resin. Although it is widely believed that many of these treatments are permanent, purchasers should not assume it will be permanent for a lifetime and note that over time, special care of the stone may be required. While it is our mission to always disclose information of which we are aware, due to the nature of these practices and our continued use of vintage stones, we advise all prospective buyers to note that unless our description specifically states that a stone is untreated, it is best practice to assume that some form of treatment may have been performed during its lifetime.

We identify all of our gemstones to the absolute best of our ability and in the case of antique or vintage pieces, as each mounting allows. We also provide our customers with any applicable gemological certificates in our possession, however, due to timing, it is not always feasible to obtain a qualified lab report for every piece and this condition is reflected in our very competitive pricing. We provide with every confidence our evaluation of each piece, which is also provided by certificate with every sale. Should you be unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason we are happy to refund or replace the piece, as necessary, to ensure your happiness. Please see our Refund Policy for further details.