Dive into Aquamarine

With its true-blue hue, this crystal-clear stone is a refreshing choice for engagement rings and beyond.

 Aquamarine Gemstones

What is an Aquamarine? 

Fitting of their name, which comes from the Latin word for seawater (‘aqua marina’), Aquamarines are best known for their crystal clean, water-like appearance, similar to a pristine pool of turquoise water. Not only valued for their beautiful clarity, these gems are also sought after by collectors for their high-lustre sparkle.

Part of the Beryl mineral family, which also includes Morganites (which are gaining in popularity due to their pretty pink hue) and highly sought-after Emeralds, Aquamarines stand out for their eye-clean transparency especially at large crystal sizes, unlike Emeralds, which are typically known for being naturally included. These characteristics make the elegant gemstone ideal for large settings, such as pendants, brooches and cocktail rings, often with a price point that offers significant value, especially compared to the "Big 3," i.e. Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires.


What Makes Aquamarine a Royal Favourite...

Of course, one of the most famous Aquamarine cocktail rings is Princess Diana’s stunning 30+ carat number, which she commissioned from Asprey, and is further accented with lovely Diamonds. It certainly proved its timelessness when it was donned by Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, on the evening of her wedding to Prince Harry. 

Continuing its tradition as a royal favourite, HRH Queen Elizabeth II commissioned her own Aquamarine tiara—a rare move by her Majesty—as a result of her love of a stunning necklace with detachable pendant and earrings set gifted to her by the President of Brazil in 1953, in honour of her coronation. A few short years later, she commissioned the House of Garrard to create a matching tiara in Diamonds and Aquamarines, which she has been seen wearing on many occasions, including its last known appearance in Australia in 2011. 


What Might Make an Aquamarine a Perfect Choice for You

Since the light aqua-blue hue of Aquamarines has become especially popular in recent years (no surprise as blue is known as the most popular colour the world over), it makes for a foolproof choice for all jewellery-lovers, not just those born in March or celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary.  Even more, the gem’s level on the Mohs hardness scale of 7.5-8, makes it highly suited for everyday wear, and especially fitting for unique engagement rings.

At present, most Aquamarines are mined in Brazil, but they’re also sourced in several other locations around the globe including Pakistan, Nigeria, Australia, Zambia, Madagascar, Mozambique and the United States. While the gem enjoyed a surge in the 1940s when other jewels became too difficult to source during the war, it’s been known throughout history for its beauty and lore, including the ideas that it brings happiness to marriage, promotes inner peace, and of course, ensures calm waters and safety at sea—a perfect choice for your favourite little mermaid.


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