QUIZ: What's Your Bridal Style?

Maybe you've dreamed of the big day for what feels an eternity—and maybe not! Either way, the sheer list of details to consider when thinking about tying the knot can feel overwhelming. There are an infinite amount of options, and between you and your fiancé, which to choose? Figure out your ideal wedding theme, including your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, by answering the following questions and tallying up your answers. Then, prepare to say "I do" in style!


Royal Celebrity Glamorous Classy Elegant Chic Bridal Wedding Style Quiz

While composing your guest list: 

A It’s a bit of a moving target but you’re not worried—you’ll get there in the end! By the way, when should invites go out?

B It gets longer with every day.

C You and your partner quickly agreed you preferred to keep it to 50 people or less.

D Each set of parents provided a list…you and your fiancé created a list…and now you’re trying to compile it at all!


Your engagement ring is:

A The vintage ruby of your dreams.

B Diamonds on diamonds on diamonds.

C A solitaire or eternity band.

D Your husband-to-be's grandmother’s sapphire.


Your wedding cake dreams come true would include: 

A Individual cakes for each guest in a range of exotic flavours.

B As many tiers as possible—the higher the cake, the closer to God!

C An impeccable white layer cake with a few fresh flowers – perfection.

D A monogrammed fruitcake with royal icing, just like Mum and Dad’s.


You’ll be honeymooning in:

A Sri Lanka.

B The Maldives or Saint Barths.

C A beach hut in Tulum or Montego Bay.

D Africa—a safari followed by beach time in Zanzibar.


The celebrity bride you find most inspiration in is:

A Margherita Missoni. 

B Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

C Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy.

D The Princess of Wales.


The wedding gift you’ll most likely get your soon-to-be-husband:

A A hand-bound scrapbook of your time together complete with personal notes and keepsakes you’ve been secretly saving.

B The watch he hasn’t stopped talking about.

C Vintage silver cufflinks.

D A signet ring that’s been in your family for generations.


On your secret wedding Pinterest board:

A 100+ hairstyles featuring fresh flowers.

B Jewel encrusted stilettos and feathered dressing gowns.

C A getaway Vespa complete with blooms and a “Just Married” sign.

D A champagne tower.


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