QUIZ: Which Engagement Ring Style Suits You Best?

Perfect Engagement Ring Style Quiz
Tally your answers to the following questions and see which engagement ring personality suits you best! Shopping for your one-and-only? Simply answer the questions as them for a few hints to help you decide which styles they'll likely love most! 




Which reality TV show would you most likely be cast on?

A. Any of the Real Housewives franchises!

B. Antiques Roadshow.

C. Survivor.

D. The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.


Your favourite wedding day accoutrement would most likely be:

A. Something new.

B. Something old.

C. Something blue.

D. Something borrowed.


Your favourite flower bouquet to receive is:

A. White or pink peonies.

B. Garden roses – any colour!

C. Wildflowers someone picked themselves.

D. Your birth month flower or any bloom in your favourite colour.


When it comes to home décor, your motto is mostly:

A. If it sparkles or shimmers, it suits. 

B. You can’t go wrong with tufted chesterfields and heirloom china.

C. Surround yourself with treasures from your travels.

D. There are never enough throw cushions…especially in velvet or floral prints.


Which location is at the top of your holiday wishlist?

A. Dubai—days filled with luxury shopping followed by lounging in plush surrounds sounds ideal!

B. A week of wine-tasting and truffle-hunting in a Tuscan villa. Sigh.

C. Three weeks of spontaneous exploring in Vietnam and Cambodia. More passport stamps, please!

D. A perfect, Christmas-y weekend in Paris.


Your social media feed is mostly filled with:

A. Inspiration from your favourite travel and fashion influencers.

B. Posts from all your favourite shops so you can easily keep up on what’s new.

C. Your favourite news sources and charitable causes.

D. Jewellery accounts to drool over and forward to your S.O. and BFFs – duh.


You’re saving up for:

A. A lush handbag.

B. Anything with investment potential. 

C. The trip you've been talking about going on for ages. 

D. Your dream wedding (and/or your son or daughter’s education fund...)


Your ideal Sunday includes:

A. A spa day with the girls.

B. Getting your house pristinely clean, your closet immaculately organized and still squeezing in quality time with the family.

C. Catching a show followed by a few drinks with friends.

D. A long, scenic walk followed by a cozy, fireside dinner.


If your S.O. proposed without consulting you about your ideal ring first, you would:

A. Be sweating bullets.

B. Be a little nervous, but not too surprised.

C. Um, who cares.

D. Heart eyes! Fireworks! Any proposal is pure joy.



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