Famous Engagement Rings

,Allow these A-list baubles to inspire, and maybe even influence your own future status as a fiancé.

Famous Engagement Rings in History



Jackie Kennedy’s Emerald and Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

Jackie Kennedy, later known as Jackie Kennedy Onassis or ‘Jackie O,’ was obviously renowned for her fresh and classic style, which continues to inspire generations of fashion designers and followers even to this day. As for her taste in jewels, Jackie had a love of Emeralds. So, when it came to proposing to his future First Lady, bachelor of the day John F. Kennedy wisely chose an extremely unique and statement-making Toi et Moi Ring by French jewellery house Van Cleef & Arpels. It featured a 2.84 carat Emerald and 2.88 carat Diamond surrounded by Diamond baguettes. Jackie actually redesigned the ring ten years later (this is always an option, ladies!) to add even more Diamonds in a marquise-cut style. While the Toi et Moi ring (French for ‘You and Me’) is one of the oldest styles of rings (the style was famously chosen by Napoleon Bonaparte for future wife Josephine) it’s a unique look that is making a huge comeback, whether in an ultra-feminine swirly, vintage style or a super modern double-solitaire ring (why have one gem when you can have two!?) Our Emerald and Diamond Toi et Moi ring is practically a spitting image of Jackie's original ring, while the Diamond Toi et Moi ring is a classic take on the romantic style. But, like Jackie, if it’s even more Emeralds you’re after, this Emerald and Diamond three-stone ring has an envy-inducing appeal that is undoubtedly fit for a First Lady.


Grace Kelly’s Whopping Diamond Solitaire

Grace Kelly’s original engagement ring was an undeniably chic Ruby and Diamond eternity band presented by Prince Rainier III and reportedly crafted by Cartier from two family heirlooms representing the colours of Monaco. While she wore the simple ring during her Royal engagement press conference at her family home in Philadelphia, it was a dramatically different bauble which stole the attention of Hollywood, Royal watchers and beyond. Whether the Prince always planned to replace the Ruby band with a flashier, A list-style jewel of Grace’s choice or whether it was Grace who preferred the more traditional solitaire engagement ring, we’ll never know, but we will never cease to remember that magnificent 10.48 emerald-cut Diamond treasure. Also designed by Cartier, Grace was understandably enamoured with her new gift and wore it throughout her next film, which was, quite appropriately, High Society. For your own Grace moment, our jaw-dropping 8.17 carat Diamond solitaire practically screams Crown jewels. However, if you prefer something a little more regally understated, this Ruby and Diamond band is undoubtedly the perfect fit. Pair them together and you’ll live like a Princess for life—dynastic claims not required.


Victoria Beckham’s Record Ring Collection

While many of the women on this list have had multiple sparklers, Victoria Beckham might set the all-time record with her reported 14+ engagement rings, which would turn even Elizabeth Taylor’s head. When David Beckham proposed in the late 90s, he presented her with a Marquise-cut diamond set in Yellow Gold. Since then, she’s been spotted wearing numerous impressive rings on that finger, including multiple Diamond eternity rings, a 17-carat pear cut Diamond, a remarkable, mega-sized Emerald, a Ruby and Diamond halo ring, and last but not least, multiple Pink and Yellow Diamond solitaires. Whew! If you dream of a jewellery wardrobe of your very own—and, who wouldn’t?—we would suggest starting with an undoubtedly posh Diamond multi-stone band, a Ruby halo showstopper, and a bit of sunshine Yellow for good to measure.


Jennifer Lopez’s Headlining Pink Diamond

While Jennifer currently sports a blinding emerald-cut Dimond engagement ring (which is almost a dead ringer for Princess Grace’s Cartier—hmm!) from fiancé Alex Rodriguez, the ring that made headlines around the globe was her 6+ carat Pink Diamond from former partner Ben Affleck. While it may have been the world’s obsession with all things ‘Bennifer’ at the time, the jaw-dropping ring (rumoured to be purchased from Harry Winston) inspired a new-found fascination with both coloured Diamonds and celebrity engagement rings, in general. If Pink Diamonds are a little too flash for your taste, you can still live la vie en rose courtesy of a rare Pink Sapphire. It’s a feminine and glamourous option perfect for any jewellery lover.  


The Duchess of Cambridge’s Blue Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring

Undoubtedly one of the World’s most well-known engagement rings, the Duchess of Cambridge’s Blue Sapphire and Diamond halo ring has been enchanting and influencing audiences since it was originally gifted to Princess Diana in 1981.  Now considered a somewhat traditional and conservative choice, the Sapphire ring stirred up quite the controversy in Royal circles at the time. Instead of being designed privately and inconspicuously as per Royal custom, Prince Charles and Diana decided to casually pick the already publicly available ring from a Garrard catalogue. Now, the classic style remains a favourite, with blue being the most popular favourite colour the world over, and Sapphires being a 9 on the Mohs scale, making them perfectly durable for family heirloom status. Get the look with this regal 4.00 carat Ceylon Sapphire, this gorgeous cluster ring, or this classic halo ring


Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor’s Colossal Emerald

Another true Emerald lover, Wallis Simpson was the lucky recipient of a nearly 20 carat Emerald engagement ring from the future King Edward VIII. Simply mounted in Platinum at the time, it was famously inscribed with “We are ours now 27 X 36,” representing his proposal date of October (the tenth month) 27, 1936, the same day as Wallis’s brow-raising divorce from her second husband. The Emerald was sourced from Cartier, which had it and a matching gem cut from a remarkable bird’s egg sized stone once belonging to a Great Indian Mughal and obtained in secrecy from Baghdad. The original stone was so large and eye-wateringly valuable the jewellery house had no choice but to cut it and sell it in two pieces. Not only did the Duke give up a Kings’ ransom for the piece (the other half was sold to an American millionaire), he famously traded in his throne! Later, the Duchess of Windsor, long-time Cartier customer and absolute jewellery connoisseur (she was a noted early adaptor of Cartier’s panther pieces), had the ring remounted by the house in a more elaborate Gold and Diamond setting in honour of the couple’s 20th wedding anniversary. For your own epic Duchess moment, this Art Deco-inspired piece certainly recalls the glamour of thirties, while this emerald-cut ring and this three-stone ring could convince anyone to trade in their King for a Duke.


Elizabeth Taylor’s Monumental Asscher-Cut Diamond

Elizabeth Taylor’s overwhelming love for both husbands and jewellery is no secret. She had eight of the former and millions of pounds worth of the latter, including some of the world’s most famous and unique engagement gems, including a cutting-edge cabochon cut Sapphire ring, an “engagement bracelet,” and, of course, the 33+ carat Asscher-cut Krupp Diamond (now, quite appropriately known as the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond), which was sold by Christie’s for over $8.8 million USD in 2011. Regardless of size, Asscher-cut Diamonds are beloved for their sophisticated and classic look and we think our 2.00 carat Solitaire would look just as glamourous with a t-shirt and jeans as it would, ahem, on a yacht in the Mediterranean with your leading man. Or, if you prefer three for the price of one (and surely Elizabeth would agree), this Asscher-cut trilogy ring will unquestionably suit your Champagne tastes.