The Favourites: The Royal Jewels, Part II

Her Majesty the Queen, along with the future Queens of England, have a collection of jewels to choose from which rival the very best the World has to offer. 

The Queen Williamson Pink Diamond Flower Brooch

Her Majesty the Queen’s Williamson Pink Diamond Flower Brooch

Like many of her prized jewels, the Queen received the flawless Pink Diamond at the centre of her beloved flower brooch as a wedding gift in November of 1947. The generous donor was Canadian geologist Dr. John Thoburn Williamson, owner of the Williamson Diamond mine, which was located in Tanzania. The rough, uncut gem weighed 54.5 carats, and was so glorious and rare, even in its unfaceted state, it was put on display at St. James Palace, before the Royal Wedding even took place. The following year, the Queen had the Diamond cut by London’s Breifel and Lemer, and even went to visit with her fellow jewel-loving grandmother, Queen Mary on multiple occasions to see how the process was going. After cutting, the new round brilliant-cut Pink Diamond weighed 23.6 carats, and was put on display once again, along with some of the Queen’s other pieces, in a major Diamond exhibition in London. It is still considered one of the largest and finest Pink Diamonds in the world and it took years before Elizabeth settled on exactly what to do with the spectacular and insanely rare gem. Finally, she had it set with Cartier London, as the centre of a stunning floral brooch, alongside 203 round brilliant and fancy-cut, colourless Diamonds. Quite fittingly, the brooch was completed in 1953, the year Princess Elizabeth would be crowned Queen. Undoubtedly one of the Queen’s favourite pieces, she’s worn the head-turning piece, which is nearly four inches long, on numerous important state visits, for multiple Christmas broadcasts, during her Silver Jubilee celebrations, as well as many important personal occasions and portraits, including the weddings of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex.


Camilla Duchess of Cornwall Turquoise and Diamond Earrings Necklace

The Duchess of Cornwall’s Turquoise and Diamond Earrings and Necklace

One of the Duchess’s most unique pieces is her elaborate and very lush Turquoise and Diamond necklace with matching earrings. The set has stunning contrast and features absolutely pristine sleeping beauty Turquoise, along with endless carats of fancy-cut Diamonds. Turquoise is said to represent tranquility, hope and protection, as well as bring the wearer good fortune. The Duchess, who inherited the suite from her family, has worn the much-loved, eye-catching pieces for several high-profile events over the last 25 years.


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Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton Blue Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earrings Princess Diana

The Duchess of Cambridge’s Blue Sapphire Drop Earrings

One of the Duchess’s most well-known and well-worn pairs of earrings are her oval-cut Blue Sapphire halo drop earrings, which, of course, coordinate perfectly with her Garrard engagement ring. Made to match Princess Diana’s famous 12 carat Sapphire, the earrings were originally part of a Blue Sapphire and Diamond suite, which was designed by Asprey and gifted to her on the occasion of her wedding by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. The suite also included a hefty Burmese Sapphire pendant necklace (which Princess Diana wore on several occasions), a ring, bracelet, and a watch. The watch and the bracelet were later redesigned into a choker-style necklace.  The earrings, which the Duchess had reset into their current drop style, were given to her by Prince William shortly after their engagement in 2010. It is also speculated that a separate pendant necklace, which the Duchess of Cambridge was seen wearing in the Fall of last year, while meeting with the President and First Lady of Ukraine, was also designed by the Duchess using gems from this same suite.

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The Queen's triple Three Strand Pearl Necklace

Her Majesty the Queen’s Triple-Strand Pearl Necklace

Perhaps the jewellery item seen more than any other is the Queen’s go-to triple-strand of Pearls. She received the original as a young woman, a much-treasured gift from her father, King George VI. The year after he passed tragically, she had a copy made of the necklace, complete with a Diamond clasp. Her signature look, especially for daytime events, the Queen obviously has several Pearl pieces, some of which have often been loaned to the Duchess of Cambridge. However, she always comes back to her three-stand necklace, which is now said to have even more replicas, in order not to wear out the original piece, which holds so much sentimental value.



 Camilla Duchess of Cornwall Amethyst Purple Heart and Pearl Necklace Skyfall


The Duchess of Cornwall’s Amethyst Heart Necklace

One of the most romantic Royal jewels, this sizeable heart-shaped Amethyst and pearl necklace is an antique piece which, like her sizeable Diamond engagement ring and favourite Greville Tiara, was inherited by the Duchess of Cornwall from the Queen Mother. Amethysts and romantic motifs were very popular during the Victorian period. A gift from Queen Alexandra, the Queen Mother received the necklace as a wedding gift in 1923. The Duchess has worn in on multiple occasions, paired with her oval-cut Amethyst drop earrings, including the much publicized premiere of Skyfall at Royal Albert Hall in 2012.

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Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton Pearl Bracelet Princess Diana

The Duchess of Cambridge’s Triple-Strand Pearl Bracelet

Another delightful piece inherited by the Duchess of Cambridge and originally belonging to Princess Diana, the triple-strand Pearl bracelet with Diamond and Pearl spacers and clasp was designed by London jeweller Nigel Milne. The bracelet originally appeared in his 1988/1989 catalogue as part of a small collection, with all proceeds going toward the charity Birthright, of which the Princess of Wales was Patron. Princess Diana was first spotted wearing the bracelet at a charity ball at the Savoy which was in support of the charity, and wore it on several occasions after, in addition to many other well-known Pearl pieces, including her favourite Lover’s Knot tiara. The Duchess of Cambridge was first seen wearing the elegant bracelet at an event in Berlin in 2017, and again, just recently, at a dinner to mark the G7 summit in Cornwall.


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