The Team

Katherine - Hi, that’s me. Will come back to me, don’t know what to say, ghastly, ok, everyone else is fairly easy, they’re amazing! We really have got the dream team... 

James - My other half etc - head of strategy - self appointed CEO - visionary. 

Rachel - Oldest friend - The Office - organiser in chief - all round brilliant. Rachel is the best best friend, she’s non judgemental, really kind, and she’s a doer. She’s on hand, manning the office.

Andrew - My brother - Newly married, soon to be a dad for the first time, ex air cadet, doggedly determined, provider of velvet boxes (not as easy as you might think). 

Alan - Accountant. Alan is great, he’s been doing our accounts for years, he’s such a nice man. 

Roly - Dad - Delivery and logistics. Roly spent over three decades with the Met and he’s used to knocking down doors at dawn and not getting the warmest of receptions. He’s now retired and wants to spread a bit of joy, delivering diamonds is the perfect way...  He’s on board to hand deliver every ring when we launch our first collection on

Designers - We have two heavyweights in the industry involved to design for us. 

Cheerleaders - most importantly, we have a collective of thousands of happy buyers, out in the world, dazzling with their rings, and telling people about us. Thank you, if that’s you, we’d be nowhere without you. 

Me - I’m the jewelleryoholic in chief. I have been into jewellery my whole life.  It’s the best stuff in the world and in order to support my jewellery buying habit, I had to become a shop...