Beautiful Made to Order Full Eternity Ring


This is a ring we have to make to order, it’s unsizable!! Don’t mean to be alarming with the double exclamation, but it’s unsizable and we can’t size it if it doesn’t fit upon delivery. If you’re unsure of your size, we can send a free ring sizer out, search either “free” or “sizer” into the search bar, it should come up, and we’ll get that out to you. Even if you’re fairly sure of size, it’s worth getting the sizer and double checking before ordering a full eternity.

Ok, that having been said, the ring itself is a fabulous 1.10ct approx - depending slightly on ring size, diamond full eternity ring in 18ct white gold. It’s beautifully made and a really lovely ring. It’s wonderful as an eternity and also makes the most glorious wedding ring, it would be an absolute honour to wear this everyday for an eternity, and next to any engagement ring, it would absolutely sing 💍

Specify your size in the notes section at the checkout, and we’ll make it to fit you, it’s still returnable for a full refund. 

Please allow 8 weeks from order to delivery. 

All rings will come in a fabulous velvet box, see pics. If you’d like to choose your colour, add a note at the checkout. If you’d like us to choose for you, and would like to have a surprise on delivery, leave the box blank. If you’ve got some boxes already we will make sure it’s different and coordinating! 

We can accept all major credit and debit cards and you can also checkout using PayPal, click “checkout” to be guided through all the options.