Vintage Golden Amber Bead Necklace

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This necklace is super special. It’s a beautiful quality, beautifully matched, butterscotch-coloured, golden Amber necklace. It’s a creamy and lustrous, warm, soft orange, perfect for your summer wardrobe. The Amber beads are graduated from 14mm to a whopping 30mm. It weighs 56g, approximately. 

Amber is classified as an organic gem that is over a million years old. Usually it is considerably even older, and is the sap of ancient trees, which has hardened and fossilized over time. It was treasured by the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, and is now highly valued by scientists, who use it as a window into prehistoric ecosystems (hello, Jurassic Park.) While it isn't an official birthstone, it is mostly associated with the zodiac sign of Taurus!

This is a great necklace, and at 26”, it’s nice and long. It would look amazing with a white linen shirt. The clasp is a nice twist clasp, which isn’t too fiddly. 

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Bead Necklace


26" length



Centre Stone

Golden Amber (14-30mm beads)




56g (approximate)