The Power of Red

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The popularity of the Pantone Colour of the Year is no flash in the pan. Colour is a powerful tool and studying the science and psychology behind it can help balance everything from your emotions to your appetite. The colours we choose to wear have the power to change our mood, stimulate conversation, symbolize our beliefs and even persuade those around us. A gemstone's colour is all about chemistry, the nuance of which has been studied for thousands of years.

It's no surprise that red is considered one of the most powerful colours in the spectrum. It’s associated with life’s strongest emotions, including passion, rage, strength, leadership and gentility. Since it represents our first chakra, it's considered the root of human nature and therefore the representation of all physicality and our vital life force. Powerful!

The original red pigments were famously created from the blood of cochineal beetles—a rare and painstaking process. While some may see the fiery hue as masculine, it’s a passionate and sexy colour that’s been used to signal a woman’s ultimate power and femininity throughout history. There’s no doubting the empowering nature of a head-turning red lip or ensemble.

When it comes to gems, red often brings to mind one thing: Rubies. One of the rarest and most difficult gems to source with excellent colour, clarity and carat weight, Rubies were referred to as ratnaraj in ancient Sanskrit texts, meaning ‘King of precious stones.’ Since then, their diminishing availability and subsequent rarity and value continues to solidify that position within the world of jewellery. In their absolute finest qualities they can actually command the highest price per carat of any gemstone, including Diamonds. 

One of the most sought-after gems for millennia, Rubies still hold a powerful position in crown jewel collections throughout the world. So, why are Rubies considered so impossibly rare? They get their all-important colour from traces of highly scarce Chromium, and the more they contain the more saturated their red hue will be. In fact, Rubies are Corundum—so when their reddish colour is light in tone or not saturated enough, they’re simply Pink Sapphires. The other reason they’re so sought-after is that hardly any other minerals share their glorious colour. Among the few: Garnet, Spinel and extremely hard-to-find Red Diamonds.

If you’re looking for the ultimate statement piece, or an engagement ring or anniversary present that is the height of romance, Rubies are by far the ultimate choice for both their impeccable beauty and investment quality.