About Us

Oh gosh, where to start, probably at the very beginning, ok, I’m Katherine and I just love jewellery. It’s been ever present in my life, I’m a child of 80’s London, the jewels were big, and I’ve always been bewitched and transfixed by the beauty of great gemstones. 

Jewellery has the power to transport us, if you really still your mind and just look at a great gemstone, you feel a calm as you let go and just enjoy the peace of watching something perfect doing its thing, dazzling and playing with the light. It’s like watching Beyoncé sing a Capella, utterly mesmerising. 

Jewellery really does move me, my heart races, I get a bit tingly, and I’ve seen it move others, reduce people to tears, jewellery’s not like other stuff. It has had this mystical hold over humans for ever, it’s almost as if we instinctively recognise that it’s the earths best stuff, I like to believe that the first caveman (all round good guy) who found a shiny stone, sensibly gave it to his Mrs, enshrining the tradition of chaps giving their good ladies pretty rocks and women have had jewellery locked down ever since. 

Maybe it’s time to share it with the chaps, as much as anything it’s double the amount of jewels out and about in the world to look at, and a sparklier world is a noble objective. With that in mind, we will be doing a small range of rings to ask him / them with. It’s 2019 people, 2020 when we launch them. 

Talking of sharing with the chaps, James, my better half has come on board, and it’s so nice to be working together on things and having someone to throw ideas around with. He’s given me support in every sense and we wouldn’t be where we are now without him, and we couldn’t be more excited about what 2020 will bring. 

That’s what’s coming, but what’s gone before? I don’t really know when I wasn’t selling jewellery, even as a child I always had collections of pretty things and an avaricious desire to acquire more pretty things. I got an eBay account very early, and sold the odd bit to fund new purchases and it grew from there. A few years later I started a Facebook page, and everything sold from there before I could even list it on eBay, eBay fell by the wayside and Facebook is still going strong, it’s brilliant and sort of functions as a support group for the jewellery obsessed, if you’re similarly afflicted, join, you’ll be amongst friends, and it’s like the warm embrace of home.

We’ve also just started on Instagram, and are growing fast there. I’ll add the link buttons to Facebook and Instagram so you can find us, we have massive plans for the next few years and hope you’ll follow us somewhere!