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About Katherine James Jewellery

Katherine and fellow team member Rachel: wee jewellery trade members in the making.

I’m Katherine and I just love jewellery (obviously.) It’s been ever-present in my life. I’m a child of 80s London—the jewels were big, and I’ve always been bewitched and transfixed by the beauty of great gemstones. Jewellery has the power to transport us. I believe that if you really still your mind and just look at a beautiful jewel, you will feel a calm come over you as you let go and enjoy the peace of watching something absolutely perfect doing its thing: playing with the light and dazzling. For me, it’s like watching Beyoncé sing a cappella, utterly mesmerizing. 


About Us


Katherine James Jewellery started as a way to support my personal jewellery buying habit, but has grown into a little dream team, including but not limited to my right hand woman Rachel, and our two powerhouse designers. We operate out of Sussex and Jersey (a small island in the English channel between England and France), and we work to source the best jewellery and gems from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Zambia and various trade shows.  


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We also have a love of historical, antique and vintage pieces (hello, Antiques Roadshow, my favourite) and collect pieces from London, Paris, the South of France, and right here in Jersey. We love stumbling upon period pieces in fantastic condition which we can give another lease on life, but for the most part we like to work our magic on them in order to create new jewellery items we’re confidant you’ll be able to enjoy for a lifetime. This is our way of not only having a sustainable approach to coloured gemstones and diamonds, but also giving jewellery a sometimes much-needed modern approach (not to mention a safe and long-wearing setting.) Often, we create our casts using antique pieces, so you can still have the original look of a period piece from that era you or your partner adore. For more information on how we approach our process, please read more about UK Hallmarks, and our certification and refund policies.

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