You're a Whimsical Wonder

Dreamy Whimsical Colourful Bohemian Unique Marie Antoinette Wedding Bridal Style


Your wedding vision? Reciting your vows in romantic garden wonderland worthy of Marie Antoinette. Your Pinterest board says it all: heaps of garden roses, candy-coloured silks, ribbons and bows, and an endless stream of floral-adorned cocktails and treats. If you have it your way, every single detail will be original and full of love and thought, including your antique amethyst drop earrings (the original romance gem), a dreamy morganite and ruby right-hand ring and the fun-loving and unexpected turquoise and mother of pearl earrings you’ll change into for cocktail hour (and pack for your honeymoon escape!)


Your Wedding Essentials:

Something Old: Antique Art Deco Amethyst Drop Earrings  

Something New: 10.00 Carat Morganite and Ruby Cocktail Ring

Something Borrowed: A floral needlepoint clutch you found in a vintage shop.

Something Blue: Turquoise and Mother of Pearl Earrings