Happy Year of the Rabbit!

We’re ushering in the year of the Water Rabbit, which officially begins January 22nd. Read on to see what this new phase could mean for you and how to welcome your best luck this year.


Year of the Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Lunar New Year 2023 

What is the Lunar Calendar and Chinese Zodiac?

The Chinese Calendar is a lunisolar calendar based on the Sun’s position in the sky and the phases of the moon. This ancient calendar dates back to the 14th Century BCE (our current calendar wasn’t introduced until 1582!)

There are twelve zodiac signs celebrated in Chinese astrology, each decided by the year you were born. They include: the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Depending on the year, the zodiac signs also cycle through five elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal. 2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit. 

Who is considered a Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac?

Those born in 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011 and 2023 are considered Rabbits.

What are characteristics of Rabbits in the Chinese Zodiac?

Rabbits are considered to be intelligent, skillful and quick-witted and are known for their overall awareness, vigilance and responsible nature. They’re also said to be kind and patient, while also a bit reserved and shy, at times.  Pigs, Dogs and Goats are considered their best matches.

Who are some famous Rabbits?

Known for their speed, perhaps it’s no surprise that some of the most successful athletes are Rabbits, including David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan. Other famous Rabbits include Albert Einstein, Brad Pitt, Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie and Frank Sinatra.

What to Expect During the Year of the Rabbit

In very positive news, the Rabbit is known to represent prosperity, peace and long-life, and the coming year is considered to be one of hope.

Since the Rabbit is known for its patience and thoughtful consideration of all situations, it’s a year that encourages us all to think things through before taking action. It will be important to meet both opportunity and conflict with calm rationale.

Just like last year, 2023 aligns with the element of Water, which not only allows us to tap into our emotional and mental health with more ease, but also rely more on our deep inner wisdom and instincts. Look to make this year one where you build upon your relationships and reach out to others more often. Always remember that your neighbour (and co-worker and brother etc.) likely has the same needs and desires as your own, and find ways to connect on your similarities rather than turn away in your (frustrated!) differences.

Another good omen? Rabbits are considered the luckiest of all of the animals in the Chinese zodiac. Thus, it’s a good year to be in the right place at the right time! Unexpected opportunities and random strikes of good luck could be around any corner, so open your mind to possibilities you may have never thought possible!


How to Be Lucky During the Year of the Rabbit

As mentioned, the Year of the Rabbit is meant to bring luck to every sign this year, however those that are considered particularly auspicious in 2023 include Oxen, Tigers and Snakes. Decorating with and wearing red and gold, including Rubies and Yellow Gold jewels, for New Year’s Eve on January 21st is traditionally auspicious for ushering in great luck for the year, while lilies are also considered a lucky symbol. Of course, certain colours are also forecasted to have positive Feng Shui, which can bring benefits to all signs. This year, there are quite a few to choose from! They include red, pink, purple and blue. These hues reflect the water energy of the months ahead but also the feminine ‘yin’ energy of the Rabbit. Look to Aquamarines, Blue Topaz, Blue and Pink Sapphires, Pink Tourmalines, Morganites, Rubies, Garnets, Amethysts and Tanzanites as lucky gemstones to wear this year to help you make the most of the Year of the Rabbit! 


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