The Latest Celebrity-Inspired Engagement Ring Trends

Celebrity engagement rings can go a long way in inspiring the latest engagement ring trends. Just ask Jennifer Lopez. Her original Pink Diamond engagement ring from Ben Affleck inspired decades of A-list jewellery watch, an obsession with pink gemstones and a love of coloured Diamonds. NBD!

Now, as if her influencer-status wasn't enough, her new Green Diamond engagement ring is right on trend once again with its lucky, nature-inspired colour (which also represents the heart chakra and is said to be the true colour of love...) and its status as one of the world's rarest Diamond colours. Read on for the other celebrity engagement rings which are right on the mark as the biggest engagement ring trends, right now. Need more engagement ring inspiration? Check out our other tips for how to choose the perfect ring, including Katherine's best advice.


Paris Hilton's Emerald-Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring

While oval-cut centre stones have been getting all the love in recent times, sophisticated step-cuts are slowly making their return, along with traditional three-stone designs being favourited over solitaire halos. Heiress and millennial queen (afterall, everything early 2000s is somehow hot again) checked off both boxes with her massive 20 carat emerald-cut Diamond engagement ring from Carter Reum, which features baguette and trapezoid-cut side-stones. Reportedly inspired by the Grand Palais in Paris (how apropos) the glittering bauble was designed by jeweller Jean Dousset, a descendant of the Cartier family, who also included a hidden ‘P’ complete with a small Sapphire on this inside of the ring.


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Emma Stone's Pearl Engagement Ring 


Pearl jewels have been making a strong comeback the last couple of years, and no one made that more clear than Emma Stone, when she accepted her Pearl and Diamond engagement ring from Dave McCary, which was made my designer Yoshinobu Kataoka. Featuring a Japanese Akoya Pearl, it’s surrounded by a halo of 0.37 total carats of Diamonds in a  snowflake-like swirl, all set in Yellow Gold. Part of a wave of more Pearl engagement rings, including ones seen on Ariana Grande and Michelle Williams, it’s a beautiful and unique choice, especially as Pearls represent purity, loyalty and wisdom. To switch up this look, remember that Pearls come in several varieties, including multiple shapes and colours. Just remember, they’re also an organic gem which requires lots of care, both while being worn and stored.

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Megan Fox's Emerald and Diamond Toi et Moi Engagement Ring 

Megan Fox’s elaborate engagement ring hits multiple jewellery trends at once: including a toi et moi arrangement, mixing Diamonds and coloured gemstones, and of course its vibrant green hue. The toi et moi, which was first made famous by the ring Napoleon Bonaparte gave to his love Josephine, is a trending, dynamic style that has the benefit of being interpreted in endless ways to tailor fit your personal style. French for “you and me” the look traditionally features two stones either in a bypass design or set side by side and could include a mix and match of Diamonds, various gemstones, fancy-shapes etc. Just ask Jackie Kennedy Onassis, whose original engagement ring was also an Emerald and Diamond toi et moi!  Megan’s ring was designed by California-based jeweller Stephen Webster and features a pear-cut Colombian Emerald and colourless Diamond, each representing the couple’s birthstones, which come together to form a heart. The ring, which has several intricate details, is also significant in showing how more and more couples want their wedding jewels to be more personalized and unique and enjoy choosing pieces that tell a story about themselves and their relationship.


Lily Collins' Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 

While rose-cut Diamonds are one of the original antique-cuts, they’ve recently enjoyed a resurgence (along with many other antique cuts, including Old Mine and Old Euro Cut Diamonds) for their unique charm and subtle allure. Lily Collins of Emily in Paris fame (and daughter of Phil Collins) recently received a rose-cut Diamond solitaire from fiancé Charlie McDowell, which was designed by L.A.-based jeweller Irene Neuwirth. The Diamond is bezel-set on a Yellow Gold band, two design features which are also becoming massively popular thanks to their more casual and wearable approach to everyday luxury. Rose-cut Diamonds usually feature a flat bottom and a slight dome shape with triangular facets. The flat bottom makes them quite “spready,” which also has the benefit of appearing much larger than their carat weight implies, which is ideal for snagging massive finger coverage on a budget.

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